Housing and Neighborhoods:
Experienced Leadership Matters


Malia is the experienced housing advocate that can solve the East Bay’s housing crisis. In fact, Malia is the only candidate with experience in affordable housing. As Vice Mayor of Alameda, Malia tackled affordable housing head on, by expanding affordable housing and addressing the underlying issues:

  • Malia helped break ground on the Alameda Point Site, requiring this middle income development include 25% affordable housing

  • Malia implemented Vision Zero guidelines in Alameda, not only reducing traffic accidents, but also boosting equitable mobility for all--from foot traffic and wheelchairs to bicycles, buses, cars and trucks.

  • Malia extended Alameda’s network of protected bike lanes.

  • Malia improved transit opportunities for commuters. She also fought to expand ferry service with a new ferry terminal at Alameda Point’s Seaplane Lagoon to reduce cross bay traffic.

  • Malia staunchly defended Alameda as a sanctuary city.


Affordable housing is arguably the biggest challenge facing the East Bay. Malia is the only Assembly candidate with the affordable housing experience we need to solve this problem.